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Wednesday Night Group

A chance for community, worship, grounding, connection, and discussion. We enjoy delicious food and place an emphasis on stories, art, music, contemplation, prayer, and open sharing.  Questions? Contact Eric.


Every Wednesday
6:30 pm - 8:00 pm, Emmaus (532 University Ave)



Progressive Christian contemplation, reflection, and rejuvenation for everyday activists, resisters, and dreamers.  Includes music, readings, poetry, litanies, prayers, shared reflections, stories, and conversation.  Open to people of all ages and all perspectives that include affirmation of queer identities, anti-racism and de-colonizing work, and the restoration of creation. Visit the Confluence website for more information and upcoming events.

First and Third Sundays​
5:00 pm, University Congregational Church (405 University Ave)

Special Events

We host regular service projects, social justice actions, and community outings:

o   Movie nights

o   Advocacy trips to the capitol 

o   Volunteering at nursing homes, the Poverello, Habitat for Humanity, and Family Promise

o   Leading worship at partner churches

o   Panel discussion and special events speakers

o   MLK day

o   Interfaith support and get-togethers​


To find out about our upcoming events and service projects, join our email list and follow our Facebook and Instagram!


We take low-cost group trips to lots of cool places! Join us for rafting in the summer, skiing or snowshoeing in the winter, and sailing in the summer. For spring break we take a service/learning trip to a city like San Francisco, Vancouver, or Portland for immersion experiences and conversations about issues of homelessness, immigration, culture, indigenous rights, religion and LGBTQ rights, as well as chances to explore and make new friends!

2013 SanFrancisco edited.jpg

Living in Emmaus

Interested in living in Emmaus?  We have leases available for the school year and summer and would love to have you join our community!  Our residents help out around the house, participate in weekly gatherings and social events, and help make Emmaus the welcoming place it strives to be.  Check out our houses below and contact us for more information!

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