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Stories of Emmaus

Curious what students have to say about Emmaus?
Check out their stories:

"At the start of my Senior year, I began to receive invitations to events like ski trips, community dinners and bonfires from friends who lived in Emmaus.  I was apprehensive to attend at first but my worries were eased on the very first visit.  It was a simple dinner, followed by conversation led by the pastor. It is hard to describe why being able to participate in that simple gathering gave me such a powerful sense of belonging to a community, but that feeling was truly overwhelming and brought with it an amazing sense of peace.  From then on, any invitation I received to an Emmaus event was gladly received and I made every effort to attend. 

I am also thankful to Emmaus for welcoming me with the widest open arms regardless of my personal convictions about religion. M y last year at the University has been full of wonderful experiences.  Emmaus has contributed many of those memorable times, and has fostered lifelong connections with some truly incredible people."

- Brooke

"My favorite memories of Emmaus are certainly all the trips we took together: rafting, camping, fishing, skiing - this is really who we are as Emmaus.  We understand that the great outdoors are meant to be shared and enjoyed with each other so that we all will want to protect them together.  One specific memory is camping out on the Blackfoot river in Ninemile Prairie the night before floating it.  We walked out to the field, lay down on our backs and looked up at the night sky.  The stars were so incredibly bright and clear - it was surreal.  Every constellation was perfectly visible, and shooting stars shot across every couple of minutes.  We discussed how small we are when looking up at the night sky, but how much larger we can become when we are all together."

- Leonard

"As a freshman, I searched for a campus ministry, but never found one that seemed right, so I gave up the search for a few years.  Then some friends convinced me to attend Emmaus one Wednesday evening.  Through attending nearly every Wednesday since, I have found an inclusive community made up of independent thinkers.  Emmaus has shown me how different religion and faith can look. I have met incredible people and made lifelong friends through this group."


- Kelsey

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